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VsionAir Motorcycle Helmet Jig (VAX-JG-HLMT)

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£110.39 inc. UK tax

A very innovative design that utilises a unique chinstrap bracket and heavy duty rubber to hold the helmet to our internal VsionFrameTM, that is connected to another unique rotational ball and clamp mechanism. Giving you the ability to move and lock the helmet in the same way you can move your head.

Again it has the height adjuster bracket that fits into our Angle Lock giving you a stable base and the ability to do any type of work on it. 

All our jigs can be used on both the Tri-Stand and Desk Mount Stand, meaning you can do the “dirty” work in the booth and then just lift them out and take to your studio to apply your artwork and detail. When you’ve finished take them back to the booth and clear coat, cut and polish all on one stand.

Download the Assembly Drawing by clicking this link

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