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In a nutshell, we create modular systems that allow you to pick and choose the elements that can help make your workspace work harder for you, so you don’t have to. 

But if you’ve come to this page, maybe you want to know more about where we came from? The VsionAir Modular System was born and developed by airbrush artist and custom painter, Del Stainton.

Del Stainton
"I spent many years as an airbrush artist and during that time I realised there was a need for something that would not only hold my artwork securely but that would give me a better environment to work in. I needed something that made finding the right tool easy whilst I was listening to my music, having a drink and just generally enjoying my work. So, the VsionAir was born. Designed and developed by an artist, for an artist."

What product is best for me?

Below you'll find some advice for what products we think would be best for airbrush artists, pure artists and body shops. However, whilst we think everything we sell on VsionAir would suit all artists in one way or another, it's probably best to think about four things; 

  • What am I painting now?
  • What might I want to paint next? 
  • Where am I going to painting?
  • When I'm finished, do I have to pack it all up?

Got the answers to these? Good… keep reading.

Airbrush Artist

If you're an airbrush artist who doesn't need to base or clear coat items then the Desk Mount or the Independent Airbrush Station are the best starting point. 

Now, it's time to think about the jig you need. We have jigs for helmets, tanks, wheels and fenders. Or we have jigs for skateboards, guitars or mugs. Next, it's the accessories. We think this is the best part! From paint bottle holders, pot cleaning stations and airbrush mounts, you can explore everything here. 

Body Shop

If you have a booth or studio then it's we think you should treat yourself to both the Desk Mount and the Independent Airbrush Station. As they are modular, you can do the 'heavy work' in the booth and the fine art in the studio by lifting out the jig and dropping it into the Desk Mount. 

What part of a car or motorbike do you paint the most? Well, we have the jig for that! No really we do… You can find them all by clicking here. There are no limitations for the number of jigs you can use. 

Lastly, don't forget you deserve accessories too. 

Pure Artist

If you're an artist and you want to go with more of a traditional feel, try out our TriStand which feels like more of an easel. 

If you decide to go with the TriStand, you'll only need the Canvass jig and then go straight to the accessories and frames. 

Do you use a tablet as a digital reference when you are getting creative? We have a digital holder for that. We also have multi function holders for everything from a smart speaker to a thermal mug. Or, simple be organised with our pot and paint organisers.