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VAX-IABS VsionAir Independent Airbrush Station

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£119.99 inc. UK tax

If you only paint on canvass, specialist cards and papers, the Vsionair tm Independent Airbrush Station forms the ideal base. It is able to hold up to A3 (ANSI B) in both landscape and portrait. It’s steel faced making it fantastic to use magnets to hold your stencils and work on.

The main structure is made from our unique VFrame tm which means that you can bolt any of our accessories to it. I has stops on the front base to stop it from being pushed away when pressure is applied.

You can also purchase additional tool bars that will fasten to the front base enabling you to expand the range off accessories you can add.

If you later wish to move to our Desk Mount and or Tri-Stand, we have an upgrade kit which will allow you to convert it, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

The main VsionBoard is now finished in a neutral matt mid grey powder coat. This colour was recommended by Marissa Oosterlee being this colour maintains your eyes colour balance for extreme accuracy of colour matching whilst painting.

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