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VsionAir Motorcycle Tank Rotisserie Jig (VAX-JG-MCTNK)

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£227.99 inc. UK tax

A really cool and useful jig. This jig comes with varying lengths of VsionFrame and different mount options, basically it can handle any tank that has mount points even the “bung” type. The jig enables you to not only spin the tank on its horizontal frame axis but also the vertical axis, allowing you to spray the entire tank whilst being stood on one spot. You can lock the tank at any angle so you can use it for prep work, masking, pin striping, airbrushing and even polishing.

This jig will evolve as more tank dimensional information comes to light, any potential items will be made available discounted for existing customers upon proof of original purchase. So keep your receipts!

In the kit is a range of sizes of VFrame and various brackets, threaded bars nuts, bolts and threaded bung inserts and a height adjuster. there are also 2 angle lock adjuster brackets to lock the horizontal motion everything when working.

All our jigs can be used on both the Tri-Stand and Desk Mount Stand, meaning you can do the “dirty” work in the booth and then just lift them out and take to your studio to apply your artwork and detail. When you’ve finished take them back to the booth and clear coat, cut and polish all on one stand.