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VsionAir Electric Guitar Jig (VAX-JG-GTR)

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£167.99 inc. UK tax

VsionAir Electric Guitar Jig.

Comes with everything you need to hold both the neck and the body of the guitar. Both jigs have the height adjuster for the VsionFrame TM  enabling you to rotate the “neck” axis and also lock it into a specific angle, allowing you to spray the entire piece whilst being stood on one spot. Because you can also lock it at any angle, you can use it for prep work, masking, pin striping, airbrushing and even polishing. You can also change the angle enabling you work on the top/bottom straight on – no bending

This jig comes with 1 base mount that sits in the stands (desk & Tri-Stand) with an angle lock adjuster and 2 mount assemblies one for the body and one for the neck.

All our jigs can be used on both the Tri-Stand and Desk Mount Stand, meaning you can do the “dirty” work in the booth and then just lift them out and take to your studio to apply your artwork and detail. When you’ve finished take them back to the booth and clear coat, cut and polish all on one stand.

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